FashionPower seeks the right partners so as to achieve the best results.


FashionPower is a member of Centexbel, based in Ghent (Belgium). Together with them, we monitor developments and innovations in clothing and textiles. Centexbel was founded by textile manufacturers in partnership with Ghent University. It is also an accredited laboratory and research institute.


The Hohenstein Institute was founded in 1946 in Bönnigheim (Germany). It is an accredited laboratory and research institute with sites in Europe, Asia and the USA.

It is a leading international laboratory in testing textiles for harmful substances according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and in the certification of sustainable production.

Hohenstein is our most important adviser in this field and it conducts the audits of our factories.


SGS (head quartered in Switzerland) is the world leader in inspection, monitoring, analysis and certification. The firm is also one of the initiators of the Detox programme, aimed at improving the quality of surface water. It advises us in this area and conducts the audits at factories which dye and wash our fabrics.

Additionally, its fully accredited laboratory in Shanghai is our most important partner for testing textiles, materials and finished products.


Alvanon was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kenneth Wang. Applying his medical understanding of human anatomy, Dr. Wang realised that the anatomies of mannequins available on the market were incorrect. With his medical knowledge of the human anatomy, he developed a standard that has since become internationally recognised and is regarded as the benchmark by a great many manufacturers and retailers.

The right size determines whether a garment is worn more than once, so this aspect warrants close attention. FashionPower adheres to the Alvanon standards and system. That means we can make the process more efficient and faster, and please customers with a good fit.


The Rudolf group, with its head office in Germany, is a total specialist in the field of materials and can add all kinds of functionalities during the textile finishing process. They set high standards for minimising environmental impact and have won numerous awards for this in recent years. In September 2016, they won the “Responsible Care” award.

We make use of their expertise and materials to enhance our sportswear fabrics which such functionalities as breathability, moisture absorption, odour isolation and UV protection.


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